Corporate Governance & Family enterprises

Experience has showed us that behind much of the problems companies currently face derive from their malfunctioning corporate governance or the lack of it. We help you to change your perspective: work on the business rather than in the business.

Develop a model of good practice, appropriate and tailored business , is the key to align the interests and sensitivities of the property and the Board Level Governance - Board of Directors and to the correct implementation with visible results of the Company strategy . It is vital to the viability of the company in the long run. We provide:
• Implementation of Best Practice models appropriate to each government corporation .
• Evaluation of the Corporate Governance and Boards of Directors .
• Support in planning processes of generational change.
• Accompanying organs of Government: Family Council , Board of Directors.
• Family Protocol.
• Executive compensation strutures aligned to the Strategic Plan.
• Models of corporate control and monitoring .


We adapt the well known best practices models to your unique family-owned company's  characteristics.


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