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From our experience as CEO's, Non-Exec directors or consultants working in large corporations, being involved in complex corporate transactions in various sectors.

Also having a top class experienced and specialized partners (lawyers , analysts, bankers , sales and marketing experts , architects ... ) .

- We offer our advice and vision  to help the shareholders and corporate level, providing an independent view, adding value in critical decision making and execution processes.

- In order to renew , strengthen or restructure the companies of our clients, ensuring value creation and with a strategic view.

- Our unique local knowledge and network, and our Investment Management and M&A experience allows us to get acces to off-market investment opportunities and to offer a first level approach to the shareholder level of the main companies in our country.
- We offer extensive experience in the analysis , valuation , structuring and monitoring of investment projects and Feasibility plans.

- We have a wide national and international network to cover any need arising from our projects. We have also agreements or close relation with family offices or investors seeking good projects or performing companies to fund. 

- Count on us to help you in your process of seeking capital or business exit.

Internationally minded:  We help our spanish clients to stablish and expand to other countries, with the right  strategy and the local network they need (South America, Europe, Africa, China) and advice also international clients for its implementation and development activities in Spain.


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